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Uzbekistan: US Dollar fixed at above 8,000 Uzbek Soms — ИА «Фергана» — мобильная версия

Uzbekistan: US Dollar fixed at above 8,000 Uzbek Soms


The US dollar exchange rate on the ‘black market’ of Uzbekistan was fixed above 8,000 Uzbek Soms: at the time of preparation of this message, the average rate, according to Uzdollar.Com, has been 8,010 (purchase rate) and 8,074 (sale rate) of Uzbek Soms. According to the sources of the site, the rate has reached 8,200 Uzbek Soms per 1 US dollar in Tashkent.

The official dollar exchange rate is currently 3,765.77 Uzbek Soms per 1 US dollar. In recent years, it has only grown; while in the ‘black market’ there have been recessions.

Screenshot from Dollaruz.net site

Earlier, Fergana explained that four currency rates operate in Uzbekistan: Official -is established by the National Bank for Foreign Economic Affairs based on the Central Bank's designated (lowest rate); Exchange - is determined during the ‘bidding on the Republican Currency Exchange of Uzbekistan; ‘Clearing’ - formed on the commodity and raw materials exchange; ‘Black market’ of currency for the population and small entrepreneurs. When Shavkat Mirziyoyev was still the acting president, his team announced the liberalisation of monetary policy.

At some points in Uzbekistan the dollar exchange rate exceeded 8,100 Uzbek Soms. Screenshot from Uzdollar.Com site

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