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Prosecutor General's Office of Uzbekistan will check the video of beating school principals — ИА «Фергана» — мобильная версия

Prosecutor General's Office of Uzbekistan will check the video of beating school principals


The General Prosecutor's Office of Uzbekistan took under its control the examining of the video published on the Internet in which the head of the administration of one of the districts of the Syrdarya region is slapping the directors and teachers of local schools, reports Sputnik-Uzbekistan.

"The Prosecutor's Office of the Syrdarya region has started verification of the video posted on the Internet and some media with facts of assault of the teachers in the Syrdarya region. The General Prosecutor's Office took control of the assessment process," the representative of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Republic told RIA Novosti. According to him, the authority will check the authenticity of the events in the video, appraise the actions of the persons shown in it, after which will make a procedural decision.

The video shows how a man named as a head of the Saydnabad district administration of Syrdarya region Nosirjon Egamberdiev is slapping the directors of local schools. Reprimanding, the head of the district for the poor organisation of the Independence Day holiday faced earlier, became the reason for this "punishment".

Initially, festivities in the district centre must have been on 25 August. But for some reasons they moved to the 27th day. However, some of the school directors, who had previously managed to notify the residents about the forthcoming celebrations, failed to organise a repeated appearance of people. They could not inform everyone about the date of the holiday. As a result, there were not "enough people" to celebrate the festivities, and Egamberdiev getting grudges from "above" reflected his grievances over the directors of schools.

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