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Afghan Army Takes Control of Taliban-Built Residential Complex — ИА «Фергана» — мобильная версия

Afghan Army Takes Control of Taliban-Built Residential Complex


Afghan security forces. Photo from www.Afghanzariza.com
A residential complex called Omari in the Afghan province of Takhar that was built under the auspices of the local council of Taliban is now under the control of Afghan security forces, the governor of Takhar Province, Fazlulla Mujadedi said.

According to the official, the complex was seized in the context of a military operation that managed to clear the provincial districts of Khawajah Bakhawodin and Yangi Qala (and parts of the District of Darqad, where Omari is located) on February 10. The Taliban had already begun selling flats and business space to residents in January.

Now, according to the Governor of Takhar, the authorities are investigating how this neighborhood appeared, how useful it is to residents and a number of other questions. If it turns out that the Omari complex is already functioning for the benefit of the residents, the authorities will consider it expedient to leave it. If not, the neighborhood would be demolished as an illegal project.

The Governor's press secretary Sunnatullah Timour says that the Taliban-built complex and its neighborhoods are now completely under the control of local authorities who have already renamed Omari into Freedom Town.

In turn, Qari Saifullah, a member of the Taliban military commission in the province of Takhar, said that after the capture of the Omari complex, the Governor of the Province of Takhar arrived there accompanied by soldiers who then damaged several buildings. However, according to Qari Saifullah, the Taliban militants attacked a detachment of the Afghan army and the bodyguards of the governor and killed two soldiers, one bodyguard and a police officer.

Qari Saifullah argues that the Afghan army cannot fight the Taliban in this area for a long time, which is why they decided to destroy several buildings, shops and medical practices as a warning.

"The soldiers did not even spare the mosque where people prayed," the Taliban representative asserted. He then promised that Taliban would retaliate for the destruction of this national treasure since people in Omari have already bought stores and houses that have become their private property.

Earlier, the Taliban council promised the residents of the Omari to provide security, both to them personally and their property.

A resident of the Darqad district, Musa Khan, who had already bought a room for a shop in this town, indignantly stated that neither the governor nor the national army had the right to destroy these already finished buildings where people started to trade and live.

"Any building is constructed for human needs. We do not know whose decree to carry out - the government or Taliban? Power and weapons are available to those and others," said the resident of Omari.

One of the elders of the Darqad district, Mr Malak Akhtar Muhammad, said that residents who had purchased property in Omari would defend their rights both under the Afghan government and the Taliban since the residents consider both represent authorities that brute force cannot push out of their lives and region.

The fighting between Taliban and Afghan security forces is taking place all over the north of Afghanistan. According to the government, as a result, dozens of militants have been killed.

In turn, it is obvious that in some areas the Afghan army faces serious problems. A representative of the Interior Affairs Department of Faryab, Abdul Karim Yurish, confirmed that most residents of the administrative center of the province of Maymana could not leave the city because of the block posts set up by Taliban all around it, making it impossible to enter as well.

Residents themselves corroborated the official’s statement: the Taliban militants stop all passing cars looking for employees of the administration - or those who outwardly look like they cooperate with the administration or foreign organizations. Cars and public transport are subjected to strict controls.

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