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Three-Year Grandson of Exiled Tajik Politician Held Hostage by Authorities — ИА «Фергана» — мобильная версия

Three-Year Grandson of Exiled Tajik Politician Held Hostage by Authorities


The authorities of Tajikistan continue to deny the three-year-old grandson of Muhiddin Kabiri, the leader of the banned Islamic Revival Party (PIVT), permission to seek medical treatment abroad.

Hamza - the son of Ruhullo Tillozoda (the eldest son of Kabiri) - was hospitalized in the Hospital of Kariyai-Bolo. He is suspected of suffering from cancer. The child is being prepared for surgery, but his relatives were not told about the diagnosis, another son of the exiled politician, Muhammad Tillozoda, wrote on his Facebook page.

Muhiddin Kabiri (right) and his grandson Hamza. Photo from www.akhbor-rus.com

He noted that due to the persecution of the authorities his brother and other family members cannot travel to Tajikistan that and Rukhullo's wife Mizhgona Zainiddinova and her three children who stay in Tajikistan cannot go abroad - the authorities of the republic do not allow them to leave the country even for treatment of Hamza.

"For the past three years, Hamza and his sister Farahnoz and Sabrina, together with their mother, have been held hostage in a state that is supposedly democratic and governed by the rule of law. Authorities send gifts to orphanages demonstrating their concern for children but are meanwhile denying a three-year-old boy to get treatment abroad," Muhammad insisted.

The eldest son of Kabiri - Rukhullo Tillozoda - left Tajikistan in September 2015. At the time, the Tajik authorities accused him of complicity in the preparation of an armed insurgency in the country under the leadership of the former deputy defense minister, General Abdukhalim Nazarzoda (Khoja Halim).

Tajikistan declared Ruhullo, like his father, as wanted to Interpol. Kabiri and his family were granted asylum in Germany. However, Ruhullo's wife and their children were banned from travelling outside the Republic. Now they live in their small home region of Mizhgona - in the village of Zargar in Tajikistan’s Vahdat District, Akhbor News reports.

According to the relatives of Kabiri, a group of "activists" with the support of law enforcement officers held a rally at the gates of their house last summer chanting threats against the relatives of the PIVT leader. The protesters demanded that the daughter-in-law of the politician come out to them and listen to the "opinion of the people." After this, Mizhgona Zainiddinova fell into depression and tried to commit suicide.

Until September 2015, PIVT had been the only officially functioning religious party in the post-Soviet space for 16 years. In August 2015, the Ministry of Justice of Tajikistan demanded PIVT to cease its activities. And in September, the authorities accused PIVT’S leadership, and Muhiddin Kabiri in particular, of involvement in a military mutiny by the former deputy minister of defense of the country, Abdukhalim Nazarzoda.

The Supreme Court declared the party a terrorist organization and issued arrest warrants for its leadership. In June 2016, the court handed down various prison sentences to 14 members of the PIVT political council, two of them to life.

The party leader Muhiddin Kabiri, who left the republic right after the parliamentary elections on March 01, 2015 - six months before the "rebellious" events of September. Later he said that fled because he feared that a criminal case would be fabricated against him at home.

Kabiri rejects all charges against PIVT believing that the “September insurgency” was the reason for the ban of the Islamic party.

In September 2016, the Interpol website listed the name of Kabiri as wanted when the authorities of Tajikistan accused Kabiri of organizing a criminal conspiracy. Nevertheless, the leader of the PIVT announced his intention to continue the activities of the party in exile. Kabiri continues to engage in political activities, speaks at various events, makes statements and gives interviews to the media trying to draw international attention to the political situation in Tajikistan.

The authorities subjected relatives of the PIVT leader, like the families of many other party activists, to severe pressure after the ban of the party - Kabiri's cousin Djamshed Narzulloev, Kabiri's brother-in-law Mahmadullo Rakhmatulloev and his driver and also a relative of his wife, Hikmat Saifov, were prosecuted for not speaking out before the alleged plot.

The law enforcers established surveillance over other relatives; security officials repeatedly took them to "conversations". Tillo Kabirov, the 95-year-old father of Kabiri, was also subjected to such "conversation" who was ordered to call on his son to return home.

In January 2016, Tillo Kabirov was pulled off a flight to Istanbul at Dushanbe airport where he was going to fly out for treatment. He died in October of last year.

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